Funtasma Dame-115 black

Hi! Today I'll show you my new Funtasma shoes. I won contest on fanpage and the price was these lovely shoes. 
I picked size UK 5,  insole length 24,5 cm and they fit perfectly. The package arrived from United Kingdom to Poland in one week. It's super fast, because sometimes I have to wait longer for packages sent from Poland.

Firstly, let's look at the wonderful box. It's very corolful and have graphics with cats. It's really lovely and cool I'll definitely keep my shoes in this box in my wardrobe.

Little picture of shoe is really nice idea, because it's easier to find what we are looking for in closet full of boxes with other shoes.

Shoes were packed separately in paper and foil, they were also separated by paperbox.

Inside they were stuffed with paper balls so shoes keep their shape.

I used to wear shoes with bigger heel or flats, but this little heel is really comfortable. 

Look at the details:

Beautiful, precise perforation and stitching.

Close up on laces. As you can see shoes look amaznig in both cases, wearing on black stockings or direct on skin/colorful stockings.

I'll post next review of these shoes in spring or summer, because I can't say much without wearing them outside and weather now isn't good for shoes with laces.

I can't wait until winter ends!  
I think that now I need steampunk corset matching these shoes ^^ 

Go check! You can find many beautiful shoes in nice prices!


  1. Szczęściara :D Czekam zatem na cieplejszą porę i stylizację z tymi butkami :)

    1. Myślę, że na Pyrkon się w nich wybiorę ^^ Chyba, że zima w ogóle nie przyjdzie i wcześniej będę mogła w nich śmigać ^^

  2. Bardzo dobra recenzja :D Butki nie do końca w moim stylu, ale klimat mają :)

  3. buty ładne, tylko obcasy, takie kaczuszki ;/

    1. są wzorowane na butach z przełomu XIX wieku, więc obcas nie może być wysoki :)



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