Euflonica giveaway

Kolejny outfit wymyślony na potrzeby konkursu, tym razem Euflonica organizuje rozdanie pierścionków

Jak wiadomo, żebrolajki zawsze spoko, więc jeśli ktoś ma czas i chęci można polubić, skomentować i udostępnić moje zdjęcie >>klik, klik<<

Mini hat: Świat Spinek
Necklace: Diva
Shirt: Second hand
Skirt: RQ-BL
Handbag: Restyle
Dredlocks: handmade

Another outfit created for competition, this time Euflonica is holding rings giveaway

If you want to like, comment or share my piture I'll be really grateful :) >>link<<



I took off my dreadlocks, but unfortunately I have no time to repair them so I dye my hair pink once again ^^

And I must say this: I love Elysee Color Mousse <3


Halloween sneak peek

 Really small sneak peek of my Halloween costume. This year my costume wasn't crazy or even special, I just wear preety dress and wig with some special accessories. I couldn't decide which wig should I wear but finally I choose pink. I hope I'll recieve more pictures soon :)

Wigs: eBay
Necklace: Diva
Skeleton Hand: small shop in my city
Flowers: H&M


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