Corset wishlist

I haven't post wishlist for really long time... I don't have time for writing review of Funtasma shoes, because of all work on my university so I guess it's good time for wishlist. I'm alive, just busy ><

Dolly Death Gore-Couture - definetly one of the creepiest and cutest corsets I've ever seen, love from the first sight

# Calippo corset Maya Hansen - totally not my colors, totally not my style, but this corset just scream "buy me MOM!". Maybe someday I'll, I hope so...

# KK-10 Fairy Goth Mother - how many of us get tricked by replicas of this wonderful corset? Oh yes, me too. It was many years ago, just when I started my adventure with corsets. Now I know that it's FGM corset not every cheap chinese replica.

# Doctor Who Van Gogh Exploding Tardis Corset CastleCorsetry - oh yes! Doctor x Van Gogh & corset, one of the best geek corsets I've seen.

# Fatale VI Sweet Carousel Corsetry  - skeleton & corset? Big YES! Unfortunately prize is way over my budget, but very soon I'll show you Corsetry&Romance's interpretation of bones & corset 

Message for polish readers & corset lovers:

Nie wiem czy wszyscy już słyszeliście, ale postał polski fanpage zrzeszający fanki i fanów gorsetów

Serdecznie zapraszam i polecam! Dziewczyny odwalają świetną robotę, tak trzymać :)


Colorful hair girl problems #1

I guess all girls with colorful hair has this problem. "Ow you looked do much prettier with natural hair", "Why yout hair is green? Are you alien?", "Pink hair? Are you 5 years old?", "It's just stupid and so unnatural" an so on, and so on...
I'm kind of used to all these questions and not so polite comments. I feel great when my hair are dyed pink, green, blue or purple and none close-minded person can't change it. My natural hair are so boring, plain brown with some blonde highlights booooriiiiingggggg!
Have you ever dyed your hair to any crazy color? Or maybe crazy hairstyle? I still remember my Batman bangs...
I like to know how you deal with unpleasant comments. :)


HadesGirls results

It's official; Hades choosed me for new HadesGirl!
I hope that everything will end as great cooperation so be patient something will happen soon :)
And of course I want to thank you for all your votes! <3


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