DIY backpack

For a long time I was looking for nice backpack. My last one died in high school and since then I wear handbags. But sometimes backpack is much more comfortable, for example when you are carrying laptop, books, notebooks and whole universe in your handbag. You know, woman's handbag is like TARDIS, bigger on the inside... Unfortunately all I found was ugly, expensive or both. 

Then I went to Lokaah strore, I really don't know why, I don't like all this oriental stuff, but what I found was absolutely awesome - quite pretty backpack. After few modifiacations I can say that it's perfect for me.

I decided to painted black upper part of backpack and upper part of pockets, unseam producent's logo and pin my favourite pins. Not really big changes but in my opinon now it looks so much better.

Perfect for crazy cat lady ^^

Before* and after
*"before" photo by Lokaah

Backpack: Lokaah
Round pins: H&M
Black cat: no name



I'm so glad, green colour is really quickly leaving my hair and now I look more like nymph/mermaid than Hulk xD Also after 8 years I returned to centre parting.

Do little time do many deadlines on my studies >< I hope that next posts will be longer.


Hulk smash!

Accidentally I'm green >< I went to my favourite store where I always buy toners and asked for La Riche alpine green. But later, after dyeing my hair I saw that something is wrong. My hair was green-green not blue-green >< I checked toner name and I saw "Apple green" not "Alpine green".

I never wanted to have green or orange hair!
But what can I do now... I don't have money to buy new toner so I guess this month will be green.

Close up in sunlight

Without flash
With flash


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