Ero lolitas

I'm not the biggest fan of lolita fashion but I have some lolita clothes and lolita friends. This time Sariel and me were dressed as ero lolitas. Photos were made for contest, buy we have only one day to create outfits and made photos, so background isn't perfect.

And few error lolita pics ^^

"I have skunk and I'm not afraid to use it!" In polish translation of "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" were quote like that.

new type of headdress

Sariel outfit:
blouse: PaperCats
corset: PaperCats - my property xD
skirt: secondhand
shoes: CCC

My outfit:
top: secondhand
fishnet: Cropp
corset: probably Punk69, it's Sariel's corset and she's not sure
skirt: TKMaxx
shoes: Kvol

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