Shoe time!

Finally I clean my shoe mess, threw out  few old pairs and photograph my collection, so there it is:


 the oldest, probably they have 6 years or more. I don't remember ^^" 
my love <3
newstest from second hand

 Skate shoes:

I usually wear all of them only for trips or long walks


zombie pigs
 maybe they're not beautiful, but they're soooo comfortable
panda love <3
 very old, I wear them only at the lake

High Heels:

big part of my shoe collection I love all of them.

but this is my favourite pair

so cute ^.^

so beautiful so uncomfortable :(

Welcome to the jungle ^^



I hope, that my collection will grow bigger and bigger. 
Now I am looking for pretty and comfortable shoes for summer.
I think about one of three pairs:

1. I love them, but this green color may not match with my clothes
2. 13 cm platform may not be good idea for long summer days (and nights)
3. I'm speechless, but probably this is another bad idea for summer

I hope that I will buy one of these in June.

Long live all shoe addicts!

1 comment:

  1. Osz, jaka kolekcja! :O
    ja tylko 5 par butów mam T__T



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