Corset wishlist

I haven't post wishlist for really long time... I don't have time for writing review of Funtasma shoes, because of all work on my university so I guess it's good time for wishlist. I'm alive, just busy ><

Dolly Death Gore-Couture - definetly one of the creepiest and cutest corsets I've ever seen, love from the first sight

# Calippo corset Maya Hansen - totally not my colors, totally not my style, but this corset just scream "buy me MOM!". Maybe someday I'll, I hope so...

# KK-10 Fairy Goth Mother - how many of us get tricked by replicas of this wonderful corset? Oh yes, me too. It was many years ago, just when I started my adventure with corsets. Now I know that it's FGM corset not every cheap chinese replica.

# Doctor Who Van Gogh Exploding Tardis Corset CastleCorsetry - oh yes! Doctor x Van Gogh & corset, one of the best geek corsets I've seen.

# Fatale VI Sweet Carousel Corsetry  - skeleton & corset? Big YES! Unfortunately prize is way over my budget, but very soon I'll show you Corsetry&Romance's interpretation of bones & corset 

Message for polish readers & corset lovers:

Nie wiem czy wszyscy już słyszeliście, ale postał polski fanpage zrzeszający fanki i fanów gorsetów

Serdecznie zapraszam i polecam! Dziewczyny odwalają świetną robotę, tak trzymać :)

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